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Car Air Conditioning

Car Airconditioning


If you feel your car is starting to lose its cool bring it into us for our car air conditioning repairs.

Not only can we get your car back to its optimal health but we can also make your vehicle as comfortable as possible for you.

Over time, your cars air conditioning unit can become inefficient and in most cases all your vehicle will need is an easy car air conditioning service.

If the situation is a tad more serious – no worries. The Best Automotive Clinic can carry out a car air conditioning repair in our own workshop, which is a rather routine procedure for our highly skilled technicians.

Modern air conditioning systems should be used in your vehicle all year round – for cooling, heating and in many cases air filtration.

Air from outside the vehicle is filtered and moisture is evaporated before it is heated or cooled to the desired temperature. This makes the atmosphere cleaner and more comfortable for drivers and passengers in all weather conditions.

Car Air conditioning in summer

We all love the comfort air conditioning provides in our vehicles on hot and humid summer days. To give the cool air a boost – use the recirculate air option because it is easier to cool air that is already drier and cooler. Bit obvious really.

Pumping up the air con to remove sweat inducing humidity will mean you’ll look awesomely refreshed when you arrive at business meetings, hot dates or family barbecues.

Car Air conditioning in winter

The most important reason to leave the air conditioning on during the winter is to defog vehicle windscreens.

Some systems automatically flick on the air conditioning when your direct air to the windscreen and The Best Automotive Clinic recommends you leave the air conditioning on.

The drier air quickly clears the windshield and you won’t need to use your hand or a rag to make a bigger mess of the glass.

We hear a lot about keeping our homes dry because dry air is easier to heat. The same applies to your vehicle – especially in places like Auckland where the climate can be pretty wet.

Will running the air conditioning regularly make the seals last longer?


Operating the air conditioning in your car, at least every week, stops the rubber seals and gaskets in the system from drying out, cracking and then leaking.

Why does the air conditioning smell when I turn it on?

A stinky air conditioning system can be caused by mould, bacteria, gas leaks, anti-freeze leaks or dirty air filters.

Who knew so much could be going on in there? Pop into The Best Automotive Clinic in Pakuranga and we’ll track down the source of the stink.


So bring your vehicle into us, so we can make your vehicle, and you, as comfortable as possible