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Suspension & Shock Absorbers


Suspension & Shock Absorbers


Good suspension and shock absorbers have a huge effect on your vehicle’s braking distance, among many other things.

When it is working correctly suspension keeps a vehicle’s wheels in contact with the road at all times, which sort of sounds odd because how can those wheels possibly come unstuck from the tar seal?

If your car has a drifting feeling when you take a corner or you and your passengers feel like you a bouncing on a cranky old trampoline – then your wheels will be losing contact with the road.

Good car suspension is a very important part of your handling, it can reduce tyre wear and keep your tyres firmly and safely on the road.

To stop your car handling like a sponge or to release yourself from those frightening braking experiences, come to The Best Automotive Clinic and have a chat.

Testing of suspension is free of charge and the auto technicians also carry out wheel alignments once the job is done.

Vehicle suspension systems consist of shocks and struts

Our shock absorber of choice is the Munroe Shock , KYB and Ultima

as they exceed on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ratings.

Monroe Shocks have been developed since 1926 and the US company went international in 1964. These guys have been around long enough to become one of the most recognised brands in the world and The Best Automotive Clinic trusts their reputation.

Struts have a similar function to shocks but they are technically different.

Instead of bolting onto the frame and suspension of vehicles, which is what shocks do, struts fit into the suspension assembly and contain a coil spring that maintains vehicle height.

This spring can be a bit tricky and dangerous to work with so if you don’t know what you are doing – best to leave it to a professional.

The Best Automotive Clinic can fit new springs to legally lower your car if you wish, which will improve your vehicle’s handling.

 How can I check a vehicle’s suspension?

Have some fun sitting over each wheel and bounce it up and down a bit. When you push down on it and release it the suspension should stop the car chassis from bouncing and it should come back to the centre and stop.

If it is swinging around from the centre the suspension needs work.

You should also get under the vehicle and check for oil leaks around shocks, which means they need replacing.

 Can just one shock or strut be replaced?

No. A vehicle should have the same shocks or struts on the front or rear wheels.

So that means two must be replaced at the same time.

 Can I fix the suspension myself?

If you are keen to have a go at the shocks you should be able to replace these but make sure you use a good brand like Monroe Shocks.

We can supply these to you. We’ll clean up any DIY mishaps as well but we know that’s not going to happen.

Removing the coil in struts is a dangerous job and it can become a missile if you don’t know what you are doing. We recommend you bring your vehicle to us for this job.