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Powerflush® Cooling System Flush & Fill Machines

Eliminate Cross Contamination of Engine Coolants WYNN'S® POWERFLUSH® MACHINES

  • Perform a more complete cooling system service very quickly.
  • OEM Approved.
  • BLUE POWERFLUSH machines services vehicles with conventional engine coolants.
  • ORANGE POWERFLUSH machine is dedicated to servicing vehicles filled with extended life coolant.
  • Completely portable, operates on 12V DC power.
  • Flushes contaminated fluid from radiator, engine block, heater core and hoses.
  • Easy and quick connection to cooling system through the upper radiator hose. No need to cut hoses.
  • Pressure checks cooling systems.

DU-ALL® High-Capacity Power Drain & Fill / Bulk Recycler Machine

  • Performs a complete cooling system flush and fill service.
  • Bulk recycles 45 gallons of used coolant.
  • Safe 12V DC operation (vehicle battery).
  • Large capacity filters.
  • Non-nitrite coolant treatments.
  • Double shutoff quick disconnect eliminates spillage.
  • Safe operation, no hose cutting required.

TRANSERVE® II+ Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill Machine

  • Performs a complete transmission flush and fill service very quickly, even on low flow vehicles.
  • Automatic safety loop prevents transmission damage.
  • Totally portable, operates on 12V DC power (vehicle battery).
  • Automatic Flow Rectifier directs flow to/from transmission regardless of hook-up direction to cooler lines.
  • Lighted flow meter, so you can see fluid color change during process.
  • Compact size, uses minimal floor space in service facilities.
  • Automatically adds the same amount of ATF as is removed from the vehicle, without monitoring or making flow rate adjustments.

Power Steering Flush Machine

  • Allows both draining and refilling of the power steering system through the power steering fluid reservoir.
  • Replaces up to 95% of the old power steering fluid.
  • Provides an efficient and economical solution to the problem of power steering system fluid service.
  • Portable, lightweight unit is contained in a durable plastic carrying case and operates on 12V DC power (vehicle battery).
  • Is a portable lightweight unit contained in a durable plastic carrying case.


ATS 5000 - Automotive Test System


Most mechanics have been trained extensively on the mechanical side of automotive engineering whilst modern electronics through various reasons have received too little attention. The extremely fast evolving electronic technologies used in the automotive field demand highly skilled and motivated people for jobs like diagnostic mechanics, the main stay of any workshop that wants to be more than an oil change outfit. Regular training and excellent diagnostic equipment are imperative as the diagnostic mechanic has to be able to LISTEN to the customer, to be able to make exact MEASUREMENTS, to have access to excellent DATA and to be able to COMBINE in order to DIAGNOSE a problem in a professional way. Some intermittent failures can be so difficult to trace that even the most experienced diagnostic mechanic would like to steer away from them. The ATS-5000 allows us to turn the trend around & stop diagnostic work from leaving our workshop and grow above the rest.

EM8040 - Tyre Balancing Machine

The top-of-the-range display balancing machine, the EM8040 is designed for intensive use and is ideal for tire specialists.

The control panel with dual display and three dimensional graphics is designed to be user-friendly.

Thanks to the body’s front inclination and a central unit shifted towards the operator, inner wheel visibility and access have been improved to facilitate the application of balancing counter-weights. The standard outer sensor, the variable balancing speed and the automatic weight application position search ensure speed and precision; like the vast software package complete with Alu-P, OPT Flash, three separate working environments, along with Shift Plane, Hidden Weight and Split Weight programs.


A2030 - Automatic Tyre Changer

Designed to work on large alloy wheels and low profile tyres, this machine version’s key features are its user-friendliness, precision, functionality and versatility. This is the concept behind the A2030: an automatic tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column and 26" turntable, ideal for demounting car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels.

The machine’s new technical and ergonomic characteristics ensure unrivalled speed and convenience during mounting and demounting operations. Amongst the main working units on this machine version, the turntable and wheel bead breaker are particularly important. The turntable installed as standard uses a patented system allowing the working range to be changed from 10"- 22" to 14" - 26" by a simple operator procedure (2 turntables in 1). Its new shape is designed to assure users working on large-diameter wheels easier, quicker wheel positioning during bead breaking. The bead breaker installed on the machine as standard is equipped with two special new functions: the fixed arm shoe can be lengthened; ideal for large-size and SUV wheels, and the shoe support arm position can be adjusted (patented). This adjustment function means that the bead breaker arm is always at the right working angle to the wheel, making it more effective, easier, quicker and above all safer in terms of avoiding tyre and rim damage. What’s more, the dual-position telescopic rim support (CORGHI patent) is extremely useful for breaking the beads of all types of wheel up to a maximum width of 14".


Variety of Tyre Brands Available

We stock a full range of GT Radials, Goodyear, Kuhmo, Dunlop & Hankook tyres that we can fit to your specific requirements. Our technicians can advise you on the best tyre to use on your vehicle depending on your needs & budget.