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CV Joints

As your car gets older his or her CV joints start to wear out.

But no worries, a CV joint or a CV boot is an easy fix.

Re-greasing & fitting new CV boots and replacing worn joints can eliminate annoying noise and it will make your car safer.

So come to The Best for a CV joint replacement or a replacement CV boot.

One of the most common symptoms of worn CV joints is an incredibly annoying clicking noise, which you hear from the wheels every time you turn a corner.

Another all too common sign of a worn CV joint is grease all over your garage floor.

Worn CV joints are a safety issue not to be ignored. It is possible for the CV joint to drop out or even seize.

So when you come to The Best Automotive Clinic to rid yourself of that annoying clicking and with our fast turnaround we’ll have you back on the road in no time.