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Car Batteries

Car batteries are a bit like dental fillings, we wish they would last longer and they're a bit of a pain to get changed. Murphies law will have it that this strikes in the most inconvenient of places at the most inconvenient of times.

Sometimes you get warning of a pending failure when you notice your engine cranks slower, especially on cold mornings. It's time to see us very soon.

But you can get completely caught out with a dead flat battery and this is where we offer the old fashioned traditional family car doctor service. In no time we will be out, racing to where you are to bring your car back to life.

Is your car dead? We have a 12v battery to bring it back to life. We have a great range in car battery prices so we have an auto battery for everyone.

We recommend the powerful Century Batteries, which are maintenance free and come with a 36 month warranty. We know these car batteries are of high quality and we stand by them. Actually so much so, we are a supplier and fitting agent for Century batteries.

We also have a charging system and diagnostic equipment. So we can see if your car battery or car batteries can be brought back to life.