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Car Tuning

Car tuning is an essential part of your car's health, because engine tuning determines what performance and efficiency you get out of your motoring dollar.

A properly tuned vehicle will reduce fuel consumption & pollution.

We are a member of the Yes Group which allows us to share technical information and obtain specialist knowledge for your vehicle in New Zealand conditions.

We can also carry out repairs to your ignition system, from basic parts to fly by wire technology. So come to The Best Automotive Clinic for your next auto tuning.

The equipment we use tests the components, as well as circuits, to establish quickly where the fault lies. We print off diagnostics before we start any work and then we print more off once we've finished, so you can see the results.

The symptoms that your car is due for car tuning may include excessive use of fuel, the engine may be 'missing' or stalling or even a mysterious red light appearing on your dash.

Worn CV joints are a safety issue not to be ignored. It is possible for the CV joint to drop out or even seize.

Our staff have had extensive training and up-skilling through courses to improve emissions and fuel consumption.