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Automatic Transmission Servicing

The automatic transmission often does not receive the care and attention it really needs. Without its recommended servicing those smooth gear changes become bumpy and then thumpy. Neglect leads to premature failure and very costly repairs.

We recommend you service your automatic transmission every 50,000kms (depending on car) as automatic transmissions work hard and hot causing the oil to deteriorate.

We have the specialist Wynns equipment to do thorough transmission flush. We can fully remove ALL the oil in your transmission and replace its special filter so you can enjoy smooth and reliable motoring.

You don't have to know all this to ask us what to do, but you can expect us to be the physician your car needs to prescribe the proper treatment when it should be done.

We can also replace automatic transmission filters and gaskets as part of our transmission servicing. The process requires an additive to break down sludge and deposits, then 8 litres of fluid is pumped through the transmission and old fluid is removed.

If your vehicle is towing, your transmission will most probably require the addition of a "trans cooler" to be fitted. This reduces heat stress on your automatic transmission and it will help prolong its life.

When it comes to automatic transmission servicing we can do it all, even complete rebuilds or replacements if necessary.